Supported Software List

Your accelerated rendering x 150, send us your project, we will do the rest !

The Render Farm service includes the calculation of your animations for you, simple, fast and at a lower cost.

Our Render Farm pre-calculus automatically Indirect Illuminationin V-ray ,Mental Ray and C4D to provide you with the perfect result (no flickering!) and much faster.

List of supported software by our Render Farm:

100% supported functions : render passes, xref, proxy, ncache, particles, vraymeshes, alembic, GI prepass by renderlayer, multi-channel EXR ... 

Download it:Check/Export Plugins for 3DS MAX v1.1.4

3D Software Render Engine Plug-ins
logo 3ds max3ds Max 2012 - 2018.4 (64-bit)

Commercial & student version supported
V-Ray 3.60.03
Arnold Renderer 1.2.917
Corona Renderer 1.6.3
Illustrate! 6.0
Iray (cpu)
ART Renderer

Forest Pack Pro 5.4.1
RailClone Pro 3.0.9
MultiScatter 1.082
FloorGenerator 2.10
FUME-FX 4.1.0
PhoenixFD 3.00.02
Multitexture 2.01
CityTraffic 2.030
RichDirt 2.1
Anima (collada & vray scene)
Real Flow (Alembic)
Iray Material Plugin 1.5i
Complex Fresnel
Sigershaders material presets pro
SolidRocks (toutes versions)
Populate High Resolution
BerconMaps 3.04

logo MayaMaya 2012 - 2018 Update 2 (64-bit)

Commercial & student version supported
V-Ray 3.60.01
Arnold Renderer 3.1.0

.ASS (Arnold)
Al Shaders 1.0.0RC20
Yeti 2.2.5
Real Flow (Alembic)

Render farm Cinema 4DCinema4D R12 - R19 SP2 (64-bit)

Commercial & student version supported
Radeon ProRender
Arnold Renderer 2.3.1
V-Ray C4D 3.40.01
HDRI Studio Pack 1.9
SurfaceSPREAD 1.0.44
Forester 1.1.0
Al Shaders 1.0.0RC20
TurbulenceFD 1.0.1419
Real sky studio 1.11
Vr camera (Arnold)
.ASS (Arnold)
Real Flow (Alembic)