Render Farm service

Our added values


We check your files as they are received, we await your BAT (3 frame calculated on our renderfarm) before starting the calculation of your animation.


Our render farm is optimized for the calculation of 3D animations using Indirect Illumination, ex: pre-calculus Irradiance Map and Ligth Cache (for Vray) and the Final Gather maps and GI photon maps (for Mental Ray).

GI pre-calculus automatically

Pre-calculus automatically of Indirect Illumination: A prepass animation + rendu by Renderlayer.  No file has provide to see the best results.

100% supported functions

Our render farm supports all functions of your 3D software: :render passes, xref, vraymeshes, ncache, particules, proxy, render element, a GI prepass by renderlayer, multi-channel EXR ... 


We also support a large number of solutions, which makes us a partner of choice, the most versatile.

Guaranteed deadlines

We are able to guarantee a specific date for delivery of your images. You can plan your post-production or the deliveries to your customers.

All your data are confidential.A NDA, may be signed if your project requires

Your 3D rendering x150 faster than an i7 cpu with our render farm ! (24/7)

Supported Applications, Renderers & Plugins on the Render Farm

  • 3DSMax
    3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Cinema4D
    Cinema 4D
  • Vray
    Vray /3ds-Maya-C4D
  • Arnold
    Arnold /3ds-Maya-C4D
  • renderfarm Corona
    Corona /3ds
  • renderfarm ProRender
     ProRender /C4D New
All functions are 100% supported: render passes, xref, proxy, ncache, particles, vraymeshes, Ies, one GI prepass by renderlayer...

Example of rendering animation using Indirect Illumination with prepass (top) and without prepass.

At Render-Online, all Indirect lighting are precalculated in order to provide you with the optimum computed way for Indirect Illumination (prepass + rendering).

You get all the power of the render farm even for your calculation of Indirect Illumination, in vray , mental ray and C4D

scene: Sponza Atrium, modeling/mapping Marko Dabrovic; shading/ligting/rendering by Render Online